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FLEXED Nutrition

FLEXED Nutrition is a nutrition program that focuses on finding and learning healthy habits  that create realistic, sustainable change to better our health in regards to our nutrition and the foods we choose to put into our bodies. The program is designed by Laura Lanni, Fitness Nutrition Specialist. Laura has spent the last 22 years learning about proper nutrition as she herself has lost 75 pounds and has navigated her way through unhealthy fad diets, supplements, quick fixes, and a multi-billion dollar "diet" industry that leaves us feeling more confused than ever. It is Laura's goal to educate her community, teaching that food is not the enemy, and each and every one of our goals can be met with the honest, proper guidance and tools. Our mission is to educate our community and help you to understand the principles of healthy nutrition, leading to a better quality of life. We will help our clients meet their individual goals while creating healthy habits leading to lifelong success. 

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Program Details

FLEXED Nutrition program consists of 8, (45) minute, in person meetings held at Reflexion Fitness and Wellness in Cranston, RI. All meetings will be held by Laura Lanni, Fitness Nutrition Specialist. 

Over the course of 8 weeks, you will learn about and cover many topics in regards to nutrition, healthy habits, goal setting, calorie management, weight loss tools, recipe sharing and much more. With that, Laura will be hosting LIVE, online interactive Q&A Sessions at set times for the participants in the program. Can't make the time of the Q&A? It will be recorded and available for replay at anytime for your convenience. 

Also included over the 8 weeks: 

  • Principles of healthy nutrition

  • Food Intake Analysis

  • Caloric needs assessment (BASED ON YOUR GOALS) using MyFitnessPal

  • Food record collection

  • Individualized feedback on your food record collection

  • Nutritional and Lifestyle strategies for overall healthy living

  • Realistic Goal Setting for lifelong success

  • Learning how to properly read food and nutrition labels 

  • Discounted pricing for group exercise classes

  • Discounted pricing for personal training sessions

This program is buildable in that each participant who takes part in our nutrition program can add on to their package and receive discounted prices on our group exercise packages as well as personal training sessions. 


Program START DATE: September 6th, 2022

Program END DATE: October 31st, 2022

Weekly Meeting Time



(please note your purchase is non-refundable or transferable. Group exercise packages and personal training sessions must be used within the 8 weeks of the Nutrition Program, Personal training sessions will be scheduled individually with Laura

*If you have a current package/personal training sessions but would still like to do this program, once this program begins your current package/sessions will HOLD until after this program is over)

  • 8-Week Nutrition Program ONLY: $299

  • 8-Week Nutrition Program with GROUP EXERCISE CLASS ADD ON (8 weeks of Group exercise classes, can only be used for the 8 weeks of the Nutrition Program, no freezing, holding, or making up days or weeks): $399

  • 8-Week Nutrition Program with (8) 1/2 Hour Personal Training Session ADD ON: $499

  • 8 Week Nutrition Program with GROUP EXERCISES ADD ON AND 8 (1/2) Hour Personal Training Sessions: $599 

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I was very excited when a nutrition program was being offered at Reflexion Fitness. I learned so much about the physical and mental attitude I have towards making decisions about what I choose to eat. Each day presents challenges and the MyFitnessPal app that was shown to me encompassed the overall balance in making my food choices. I was shown how to read nutrition labels and look for all the extra added ingredients especially sugars. I was given advice on altering some of my food choices to make them healthier, adding lean plant based protein to my diet as snacks. I loved the homework challenges that were a learning curve. I would highly recommend this program. It was not so much about weight loss for me but about making better choices. I was taught how to do this with guidance and constant support. 


I would have never imagined that after a year of joining this wonderful community, I would have lost over 65 pounds. I feel so much better than I have in a long time and it is all thanks to Laura and her fabulous team at Reflexion. Everything from personal training sessions to group classes, the fall reset challenge and her new nutrition program have helped me achieve my goals. Through her nutrition program, I have learned a lot about myself and what my body needs to feel good. I love that I get to eat real food and feel satisfied at the end of the day. Thank you to everyone at Reflexion. It truly is an amazing community.

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