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Burn it up with some isolation! In this in-place circuit class, you will work on alternating through muscle groups and cardiovascular movements leaving you sweaty, happy and stronger than when you walked through the door!


This class combines work on the SPiNNING bike with intervals of strength training - depending on the class, sometimes you will stay on the bike for your intervals of strength or sometimes you will hop off for some floor work! Either way, this class provides the perfect combination for a total body workout. 


Activate EVERY muscle group in your body with this empowering strength and conditioning class.  Focusing on muscle conditioning, you will be led through a variety of strength, endurance, and plyometric exercises which will help you increase strength, gain lean muscle mass and improve your overall health.


 This class will focus on different muscle groups each class. One week the focus may be upper body, next week lower, but always incorporating more traditional core work in every class. You'll be able to use the time to really dive into muscle groups while gaining core strength. 


SAY WHAT?! Interval training is the base of this class -  an active BURN interval combined with a short interval of rest time, this class is designed using the High Intensity Interval Training and Tabata methods. Just when you think you can't, that buzzer rings giving you that much needed rest. TRY IT!


Discover  the power of detoxifying stretches, breath work  mobility drills.  All of this while surrounded by essential oils, incense, support and Himalayan salt lamps. A complete mind + body experience and a Reflexion Fitness and Wellness EXCLUSIVE! A healthy physical body starts with a healthy mind! 


Let's Friday Grind...or something like that. ;)

Activate EVERY muscle group in your body with this empowering strength and conditioning class.  It might look a little different each week, but the goal the same: start your Friday (and weekend) off feeling strong and empowered! 


Another Reflexion Fitness and Wellness EXCLUSIVE, this class brings the HEAT to the studio!  A combination of cardiovascular and strength training, grab a pair of dumbbells and get ready for some FUN!  This class will give you a total body workout using standing body weight and dumbbell exercises, never going to the floor.  With sculpting movements synced to the music from many different generations, you’ll work every muscle group in a club-like atmosphere. Dumbbells are provided.


Power and Core will focus on building strength with every class being "switched up" to keep your body working hard. Core elements will always be included in every class! Join us for a 45 minute sweat sesh targeting your whole body!


Saturday Morning - get up and get it done. Period.  Always something different, but always a fantastic workout! 


Learn the benefits of weight lifting using slow and steady counts and isometric holds. This class is a pure weight lifting class utilizing dumbbells ,barbells and other varied equipment. This class will not contain any plyometrics (jumping) yet will focus on strength building through slow and steady movements and isometric holds. Be advised, SLOW does not mean it will be EASY. This class will be challenging in a whole new way, but of course modifications will be given at all times. 


45 Minutes of Pure Step - come and get your SWEAT ON!


Who doesn't love a little bit of classic step combined with strength intervals for a calorie burning FEST! In 45 minutes you'll rock the step and those muscles in this interval style class. 


Our newest class on our schedule will combine intervals of outdoor walking and strength training. On the days where the weather isn't cooperating, class will be intervals of lower-intensity cardiovascular movements and strength training. This class is for all levels and is a true mind-body therapy session.


Zumba® takes the "work" out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. Once the Latin and World rhythms take over, you'll see why Zumba® Fitness classes are often called exercise in disguise. Super effective? Check. Super fun? Check and check. 

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