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with Laura Lanni, certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Nutrition coaching provides one on one education setting you up for endless healthy benefits and  lifelong success. Throughout your coaching sessions with Laura, you will cover:

  • Principles of healthy nutrition and food preparation 

  • Foods to be included in the balanced daily diet

  • Essential nutrients needed by the body

  • Information about nutrients contained in foods

  • Food Intake Analysis

  • Caloric needs assessment using MyFitnessPal

  • Food record collection

  • Individualized feedback on your food record collection 

  • Nutritional and Lifestyle strategies for overall healthy living (tips on how and what to eat when eating out, vacations, holidays, etc.)

  • Exercise recommendations for optimal health

  • Realistic Goal Setting 

  • Recipe sharing

  • Learning how to properly read food and nutrition labels for lifelong use 

  • Text support 

Colorful Fruits

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