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Nutrition coaching provides one on one education setting you up for endless healthy benefits and  lifelong success. Throughout your coaching sessions with Laura, you will cover:


​Package cost includes 4 (45) minute individual sessons as well written education.


  • Principles of healthy nutrition and food preparation 

  • Foods to be included in the balanced daily diet

  • Essential nutrients needed by the body

  • Information about nutrients contained in foods

  • Food Intake Analysis

  • Caloric needs assessment using MyFitnessPal

  • Food record collection

  • Individualized feedback on your food record collection 

  • Nutritional and Lifestyle strategies for overall healthy living (tips on how and what to eat when eating out, vacations, holidays, etc.)

  • Exercise recommendations for optimal health

  • Realistic Goal Setting 

  • Recipe sharing

  • Learning how to properly read food and nutrition labels for lifelong use 

  • Text support 

Personal Nutrition Package

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